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Hi there, I’m Shanna Craft, a self-taught, freelance artist and designer from beautiful southern Michigan. I have always been inspired by the outdoors and gardening, and my art reflects that with a whimsical style of natural elements and everyday items. As a child, I would spend countless hours making homemade wrapping paper and my own unique paper dolls that I would share with my friends. These days, you can still find me in my studio making wrapping paper and surface pattern designs.

It all began with my career in eCommerce. I needed to create my websites and graphics, and it naturally morphed into creating art digitally. It wasn’t long before I was selling my art online and building custom pieces for my clients.

My inspiration comes in many forms, such as a walk outside, a hike in the woods with my kids, my own photography, and patterns I find in nature. Many items start from my hand drawings and photography, are scanned, and then digitally traced and colored.

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Shanna Craft